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SchilliX-0.7.2 is the first free OpenSolaris distribution that allows the OpenSolaris base (ONNV / Illumos / SchilliX-ON) to be compiled on itself.

A preliminary Howto Compile is here:

If you like to compile SchilliX-ON, you first need to set up a SchilliX-0.8 build machine following the instructions in

To compile SchilliX-ON on a SchilliX-0.8 installation, follow these steps:

  • Chose a compile directory (e.g. /export/home/schillix), you need at least 6 GB of free space for a SchilliX-ON compilation on that filesystem.

  • chdir into the compile directory (e.g. cd /export/home/schillix)

  • fetch the complete SchilliX-ON source from Berlios by calling: hg clone

  • chdir into the directory schillix-on that was created as a result from the hg clone command

  • fetch the closed source bits and closed source crypto archives from Berlios FTP:

Replace i386 by sparc for all similar URLs if you plan to compile on/for Sparc.

If you are compiling a Schillix-ON version from January 20 2011 or later, check for the same archives in:

  • unpack the closed source bits:
star -xp < on-closed-bins-nd.i386.tar.bz2
star -xp < on-closed-bins.i386.tar.bz2

  • do not unpack the closed source crypto archives, they are handled by the nightly script

  • fetch the onbld commands:

  • install the onbld commands:
star -xp -C / < onbld.i386.tar.bz2

  • copy the file ./usr/src/tools/env/ to the current directory and edit it to fit your needs. We recommend to fetch a template from

  • if your install path is different, change the properties: GATE and CODEMGR_WS in

  • edit and make the property STAFFER to fit your login name. You will receive mail for this name.

  • note that the environment variable SUPPRESSPKGDEP=true is set in to work around a bug in IPS. Once the pkgdepend program has been fixed by Oracle, this entry may be removed.

  • call /opt/onbld/bin/nightly ./ to start the build. This may take a long time depending on the speed of your compile machine (1 hour on a fast machine, 24 hours on a slow machine). To be more exact: The compilation on Intel takes aprox. 18 GHZ hours and on Sparc it takes aprox. 16 GHz hours. Divide by the numbers of CPU of the actual machine and multiply by the CPU clock in GHz to compute the compilation time.
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