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SchilliX-0.3 assembly kit.

It allows you to create a SchilliX-0.3 ISO CD image from scratch. You need Solaris 9 x86 or later and in addition, the following tools:

star-1.5a70 or later
mkisofs-2.01 or later (cdrtools)

fetch the named tools as source, compile them and install them inside thesearch PATH of root.

Note that you need to run at least Solaris 9 x86 or later in order to be ableto run the scripts from the kit. If you run older Solaris x86 versions, youmay hack the scripts to use my "fbk" driver instead of "lofi". See: in case you ned fbk.

To assemble the SchilliX-0.3 ISO CD image, create an empty directory,chdir into that directory and unpack the schillix-0.3-base-kit.tar archive.Then call as root:

 ./makeiso-all SchilliX-0.3 27

after copying:

  • b27.tar.bz2
  • gcc-3.4.3-csl-20050525.i386.tar.bz2
  • devpro-libm-bins-20051024.i386.tar.bz2
  • devpro-make-sccs-binaries.i386.tar.bz2
  • pkgutils.i386.tar.bz2

into that directory.

If you fetch the "base kit", you need to download:

  • schillix-0.3-base-kit.tar The basic kit without OpenSolaris
  • b27.tar.bz2 The OpenSolaris Build 27 binaries.
  • gcc-3.4.3-csl-20050525.i386.tar.bz2 The GCC-3.4.3 binary installation
  • devpro-libm-bins-20051024.i386.tar.bz2 The Sun Solaris libm
  • devpro-make-sccs-binaries.i386.tar.bz2 Sun make and SCCS
  • pkgutils.i386.tar.bz2 The SVr4 packaging tools

If you like to use your own self-compiled OpenSolaris binaries instead of theSchilliX supplied archive "b27.tar.bz2", you first need to make sure thatyou apply at least those patches against the original OpenSolaris source thatare part of the related SchilliX release. Then chdir to the directory "./archives/i386/nightly/" in the OpenSolarissource built tree and call the shell script "bfu-to-tar" from this SchilliX ISO kit.

These are additional shell scripts used to create schillix-0.3.iso:

 ./makeiso-all	# Call this script to create a SchilliX-0.3 ISO image
 ./makeiso1	# This script creates the directory trees ./ramd & ./bigd
 ./makeiso2	# This script created the RAM disk images and assembles schillix-0.3.iso

 ./cleanup	# To remove ./ramd, ./bigd and the RAM disk images
 ./cleanup -all	# To remove all from above _and_ the compressed RAM disk images

 make-iso	# To finally create the ISO CD image
 make-proto	# To create the ./bigd tree
 make-ramdisk	# To create the ./ramd tree
 make-ramimg	# To create the complete 32 bit only RAM disk
 make-sramimg	# To create the 32 bit only RAM disk without the /usr tree
 make-bramimg	# To create the 32 + 64 bit RAM disk without the /usr tree

 install_fs	# Shell functions to create a UFS RAM disk image from a directory tree
 install_tar	# Shell functions to extract the STAR packages from the list below

 Packets-base		# The Packet data base file for the 
 Packets-extension	# The Packet data base with the files that extent to the full distro
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Page last modified on January 30, 2006, at 02:52 PM